Note: This chart offers some common pathways to the goal, but is not exhaustive. Other pathways may be possible.

Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program

Program Description:
A person can get apprenticeship training while earning a college diploma.

Individuals who want to register for the Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program must meet all eligibility criteria for both the college diploma program as well as the apprenticeship training.

Check with each program for their entry requirements.
Typical requirements include:

Cost: Fees vary by program, but they are comparable to most full-time college program fees. Additional costs may be incurred for textbook, safety equipment and tools. Financial Assistance in the form of OSAP, grants and scholarship may be available for qualified applicants.

Delivering Agencies: Colleges

Applying to the Program:
Individuals must apply directly to the college and meet all program requirements. At a certain point in their program, they may need to be registered as an apprentice with MTCU.

Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship offered by Colleges in Toronto and York Region:

Centennial College Seneca College Humber College George Brown College