The Project

The website is an online toolkit aimed at providing adult learners and the front lines of adult education in Toronto and York Region – teachers, intake staff and assessors – as well as others who refer adults to the broad array of education and training programs, with easy-access visual materials and information that can definitely enrich that all-important initial conversation about next steps along the learning journey.

The site houses pathway charts, information about publicly funded adult education programming in Ontario, and a host of other information pieces that raise awareness about common transition points, the complexity of learners and their needs, and how to better navigate the information that exists out there about adult education options.

Visitors of this site are encouraged to use the website as a learning ground for understanding adult education in Ontario more holistically. Taking the time to watch the video and to explore the various charts and information pieces can help enrich the conversation learners and service providers have in order to help adult learners/clients make informed decisions about relevant next steps along the learning journey. Indeed, it is through a rich dialogue with a teacher, an assessor, a caseworker, a settlement worker or an employment counsellor that an adult learner can better understand his/her options before taking that next step along the learning journey.

All the components of this online toolkit have been developed as part of the Exploring Learner Pathways: Visualizing the Learning Journey project carried out the Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML). The project was generously funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and the information presented here was realized through the rich collaborative efforts of a cross-program work group, and with the valuable guidance of an advisory group that recognized the value of relationship building across organizations and across the learning ministries.

The advisory members were:

The project's cross-program work group included individuals from school boards, colleges, and community based agencies. These dedicated members of the group hailed from Adult Credit, Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) and ESL non-credit programs.

The work group members were:


The project team extends its deep appreciation to all the members of the work group and advisory for their tremendous insights and support. The project team would also like to acknowledge the technical expertise that AlphaPlus provided throughout the course of this project. A huge thank you, as well, to the project evaluator, Tracy Westell, for her keen questions and for thoroughly exploring the process and reflections that were so instrumental to the project.

Many thanks go out to Mike Kasperski of Matter Strategic Design for his design flair and to MTML staff for their constant encouragement.

MTML is grateful to Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), without whose funding and support this important project would not have been possible.

The Project Team —
Olga Herrmann, Project Manager/Researcher
Judith Amesbury, Researcher